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Last updated: July 26th, 2017
Check out the newest Bait Buddies video right here! Today we have the hottest studs, Marxel, the hot Puerto Rican stud with his fat 7.5“ cock and Ethan, who’s half Italian and half American, with his 7 inch cock and a well fitted body. Marxel grabbed his hard cock and started sucking it, there was some kissing and after moved to fucking. Ethan pulled out of Marxel’s tight asshole and he stroked his cock, shooting a massive load all over Marxel. Enjoy this baitbuddies hardcore video and see some more nice and hard style ass fucking getting done without delay just for your enjoyment everyone!

As this scene starts off, Marxel and Ethan seem to be in a state of love at first sight, and they just knew that this afternoon would be amazing for both of them. Watch Marxel starting to suck and slurp on Ethan’s nice and hard cock with a passion with the latter moaning in pleasure as his cock gets some nice and hot treatment today. When Marxel is done with his cock sucking, he presents his nice and round sexy butt to Ethan and Ethan just goes for it. See Ethan shoving his nice and big cock balls deep inside Marxel’s ass and watch the two hunks enjoying their gay fuck to the fullest in this amazing and sexy video today. We’ll be expecting you soon everyone with more content!


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Bait Buddies videos

Here you have another set of Bait Buddies videos, starring Josh and Jake. Both are straight and decided to have their first trip, sexual trip. Josh is cute with a toned body and a big 7 inch cock, just like hot Cody Cummings and then we have Jack also muscular and handsome and with a 7.5 cock. The boys know what they got into, and that they are going to have hot gay sex. In this video you will see hot 69 scene, kissing and hardcore fucking. Check out this baitbuddies video that will surely entertain you trough this afternoon. We can guarantee that you will just love it and so let’s see what it’s all about without any kind of delay today shall we guys?


This time we wanted to do something a bit special, and that’s why we wanted to do something like pairing up to straight guys that wanted to try gay sex and see how they went about it. Sit back and relax as you can enjoy watching the hunks engaging like we said in a superb and hot sixty nine session sucking each other off to get their cocks nice and hard. Then you can see them taking turns to shove each other’s cocks deep inside one another’s fine asses and of course they just love it. We hope you’ll love it too and rest assured that from now on you will get to see many more amazing and hot videos here. Bye bye for the time being and see you soon!

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BaitBuddies – Fresh Bait

BaitBuddies brought to you a new hot scene. Here we have Sean, who’s 24, muscular body and has a 7 inch cock, a thick and rock hard cock, he is looking just like the guys from staghomme galleries. Take a look at spreading his legs for Richie’s huge cock. After swallowing all the jizz he could he could not wait any longer for his superb scene today and had to take that huge cock in his tight asshole, stretching it tot the limits. These Bait buddies fellows don’t like fooling around and they seemed pretty eager to get their little fuck scene started as well. So let’s see them in action without delay today as we know you are eager to see them get to work as well everyone.

The cameras start to roll, and like we said, the guys were pretty eager to get this show started. You get to see them taking the time to suck one another’s cocks to get each other hard for the next part. And like we said earlier, it’s full of ass fucking goodness. Take the time to really enjoy one passionate gay fuck today and see two very lovely and horny hunks as they have some hard style sex all over the living room today. Enjoy as by the end of all this fucking, the two studs end up blowing their loads on each other making for a superb conclusion to their scene today. See more scenes like this at the main site and do come back next week one more time for another treat!


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Bait Buddies – Curiosity

When these two Bait Buddies studs get together it’s going to get wild. What good could get when two sexy and also horned up guys are watching Asian shemale porn together. After kissing, swapping hand jobs, blowjobs and nailing their asses, both of our guys shot big loads all over the place, but especially on Gavin. If you want to see more check out updates, we’ll keep you posted on what went down in the future. But for now just sit back and take your sweet time to see another amazing and hot gay fuck unfold in front of your screens with two amazing and hot studs today. This scene you cannot miss everyone.rough-anal-pounding-from-behind The truth is that we have never seen two handsome guys like these fucking with so much pleasure and we would very very much like to have them here in the future as well. You can see that they were intending to enjoy this thing right from the start and they got straight to business getting naked as soon as the cameras started to roll. See this blonde dude taking the submissive role first, and watch him getting around to suck and slurp on the other dude’s cock to get him nice and hard for his tight and horny ass. And then you can see the blonde stud as he takes one deep and hot anal fuck from behind as the dude gives him a pretty hard style doggie style fucking today. Enjoy it and see you soon!

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First experience

We just love Bait Buddies newbies especially the hot ones like our stud Dawson! He’s blonde, tight body and a 8“ cock and of course he fucks like a porn star. For such a hot stud, who could be better than Tucker, despite the fact that he likes fucking older guys too. They decided to shoot this in a more comfy place, so the straight guy didn’t panic. Because Dawson was new in the business he had the honor to begin, he didn’t think twice about it and just started hammering Tucker’s tight asshole. Check out this BaitBuddies hot scene and see this scene with the straight guy trying out some nice and hard anal sex for the first time ever today. Let’s get this show started shall we?

Tucker said, that he always lets his woman use her nice and big dildo to fuck his ass as well after he fucks her nice deep so he is pretty used to having his nice butt stretched by some big things. Well we Dawson also wondered how his ass would fair with his superb fucking skills as in addition to his big cock he just likes to slam himself against the tight butts that he gets to fuck. Enjoy this scene and see the sexy hunk Dawson as he rams his cock balls deep in Tucker today making him moan in pleasure at pure anal fucking. We know that you want to see more so just check out the rest of the updates that we have here and the main site everyone. You won’t be disappointed!

baitbuddies-taking-in-rough-in-the-asshole Watch here Tucker receiving a rough fuck!

BaitBuddies – I won`t bite

BaitBuddies hot blonde, Mike was put together this Latino straight guy, Ari for a scene….and what a scene it was! Mike started feeling Ari up, kissing him on the mouth, feeling his hard body and his huge junk through his underwear. But he didn’t wanted to stop there so he took Ari’s huge cock in his mouth and started sucking it. This Bait Buddies studs doesn’t like wasting time! Check out hot older male and enjoy watching other hot guys fucking! Ari and Mike sure made magic happen with their little locker room scene today and you would be a fool to miss such a nice and amazing gay fuck that we brought just for you this afternoon everyone.


Ari always loves himself some nice and hard cock no matter what he is, and it seems that this Latino guy named Mike was about ready to give gay sex a chance and see how it felt to fuck another guy. No problem though, as Ari knew this and wanted to make him feel as comfortable as possible for today. So just enjoy as Ari takes his time to suck and slurp on that Latino cock for the afternoon, and then see him presenting his nice and firm ass for a deep and hard fucking today by Mike. We hope that you will enjoy seeing Ari getting his ass penetrated balls deep by the other guy who seems to enjoy more and more the fuck that he had today with Ari. Have fun and see you next week!

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Bait Buddies – Mark Angel

Mark Angel returned to our Bait Buddies. He is a hot stud, with a hot body, actually one of the hottest bodies. We put together Rick and Lucas for a hot scene for you guys. These gay buddies started with some foreplay, Lucas played with his huge cock for a bit, afterwards he took it in his mouth and started working hard. Then they took turns on fucking each others assholes, as rough as they could. Check out for more updates! Meantime take the time to see some fresh hunks as they fuck each other for this nice afternoon and see some nice and big cocks getting pleased without delay for this whole scene. Let’s watch the guys in action.

mark just loves any guy that we pair him up with every time. By now he’s been here a few times and you also know exactly what this guy likes. He likes his fuck partners to be submissive and naughty, and to talk dirty to him as well. The stud he was fucking was everything he wanted and you get to watch him lay back as he enjoys getting that nice and hard cock of his sucked for the beginning of the scene. When he was all nice and hard, he has the guy bend over and he starts to fuck that nice ass fast and hard with his big and hard cock. Enjoy the superb anal sex that they had together and do come back again next week for some more fresh scenes everyone!

bait-buddies-blowing-a-huge-cock See these hot suited man nailing their buttholes!

Working for money

Check out this Bait Buddies dirty gallery! When Corey first heard about the offer, he wasn’t very pleased but the word cash made it’s magic so the male sex scene is ready to begin. Before you know it he was nest to a dumpster, sucking the dude off on his knees! And that how a straight guy begins kissing, blowing, jacking and fucking other guys! Check out updates to see the full gallery and enjoy two sexy and hot guys as they take their time to fuck in this nice and hot afternoon today just for you. So let’s not delay any longer and see Corey and his good male buddy here enjoying a nice and rough fucking in the afternoon.


Corey always likes to have fun with other guys, and by now you can bet that he perfected a nice an fail proof technique to get them back to his place and fuck them. We’re sure that this stud right here will remain good buddies with Corey after he got his nice and tight ass stretched by his big and hard cock today. And like we said, you get to see Corey as he gets that huge man meat of his sucked and deep throated as well before hand. Just take your time to sit back and watch a truly amazing gay fuck unfold in front of your screens with the two hot and horny studs today. We bet you’ll just adore it and rest easy knowing that you will get to see much more next week as well.

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BaitBuddies – Ryan and Micah

BaitBuddies hot stud, Ryan was rushing home to his girl, but surprise she wasn’t there! Instead he founded Micah there anxious for a wild gay blowjob night, although at the beginning Ryan wasn’t very pleased with the idea, when he heared about the money he changed his mind quickly! Being a guest he was very well treated, Micah took his big fat tool in his mouth and sucked it till Ryan cum, after he licked the cum off the huge cock! Check out these bait buddies scenes later, but in the mean time just take your time to see two very hot studs that have a nice and relaxing afternoon together today. So let’s get started without further due shall we?

Ryan had Micah over for some beer and getting to catch up on what they’ve been doing lately. Well it was all nice and fun, but the studs started to get horny. And there was only one solution to this whole thing. Watch as the pair of hunks get naked and take their spot on the couch to start playing with one another’s dicks. You get to see them stroking one another’s nice and big cocks and of course they just love the feel of each other’s hands on their cocks. Sit back and watch as they then engage in a nice and hot blow job session as well afterwards now that they were all hard and ready. And we think that you will truly enjoy this superb and hot scene for the afternoon today. Bye bye guys!


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Bait Buddies – Gym Meat

These Bait Buddies studs met at the gym, that’s where everything started! Larkin is a hot straight guy with an enormous cock and a hot body and Alex is a muscular guy with an 7.5 inch dick. After talking at the gym about their sexual experiences with their girlfriends Larkin though that it wouldn’t be such an bad idea to convince Alex to have sex with him just like in cmnm videos. So one night they started fooling around and took it to the next level. Larkin took control of the situation and shoved his huge cock in that tight asshole, that was just waiting to be ripped apart! Check out the full galleries only on right now to see more superb scenes like this one.


This is a very special scene, made especially for you, with the two hunks fucking each other nice and hard in the ass for the whole afternoon today. They were too horny to just pass up a nice and hot gay fuck and well, we’re just happy we got to have it on cam. You get to see the stud taking their time to get each other’s cocks nice and hard in the beginning as they suck and stroke each other’s dicks, and then the blonde guy bends over on the couch to take his hard style fuck first. Sit back and see him moaning in pleasure as that tight ass of his gets fucked balls deep by his good buddy here today. We’ll see you next time with more fresh and hot scenes everyone!

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