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Bait Buddies – Trey and Joey

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new bait buddies update just like always. Well for this update we have something  a bit special for sticking with us for so long and as you can see it comes in the form of these two guys that are all sexy and muscled. You know that this site is the best place to come and drop by for a visit when you want to see a new show featuring some amazing studs every single week fucking hard and a lot of the times it’s a straight guy checking out how gay sex feels like for the first time. So let’s get those baitbuddies cameras rolling today and you can check out another brand new and fresh first time gay fucking session with the studs.


The names of the two are Trey and Joey and Joey is the straight guy while Trey is the bait as it were. The two guys met at the gym while working out some time ago but after many meetups it seems that Trey managed to convince Joey to try out some one on one fun with him for the afternoon. So sit back and relax as you get to watch the sight of this glorious fuck session here with the two, start off with Tray giving the guy a masterful hand job to get him hard as a rock and ready for his fine ass. It’s just a treat to see the two guys playing with each other and we know you will have fun. So see you next week with more and also check out the past scenes for more!

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Cameron and Blaine

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to another new bait buddies update. And in this show you get to see the hot and horny couple made from Cameron and the bait name Blaine. Cameron is the guy with the glasses and as you can pretty much tell, he never actually got to feel the pleasures of gay sex, but that’s something that the bait named Blaine here, aims to fix for this afternoon. So naturally we left the two to their own devices on the couch for this afternoon and you can see them getting to play naughty with each other in this baitbuddies scene. By that of course we do mean that they end up fucking as well, so you know, just check it out!

Cameron’s first fully gay experience was one of the best ones that he had and that’s all thanks to Blaine. He knows exactly how to touch a rookie to get him in the mood. And of course that is by starting off with a nice and long hand job to make sure that he is rock hard. But those luscious lips also get to wrap around the man meat and take it for a nice sucking too. All in all it’s a glorious little fuck fest with these two and you just have to check it out without delay this afternoon. So take time to enjoy it fully this afternoon as per usual and you can come back soon for even more juicy and hot content everyone. See you next time as always!


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Bait Buddies – Scott and Buddy

It’s time once more for that new bait buddies action to come to your screens here today, and once more we have two guys partying hard. You will recognize one as Buddy from previous scenes as he gets to be the bait once more to tempt this straight guy to a nice and hard fuck. And the guy’s name is Scott. Well you can bet that Buddy brought his A game to the show here today and he intends to leave only after he broke the guy in and took his cock in that tight ass today. So with that being said, let’s see the pair of baitbuddies muscled hunks getting to get down and dirty with each other today and see them playing with one another’s big cocks just for you and the cameras!


Buddy is the one to teach him the ropes right from the start and he makes sure that the guy gets to know everything that there is to know about the whole thing. That play scene though, begins with Buddy getting his hands all over Scott’s big cock and starting to stroke it. And as you can see, Scott is quite enjoying the treatment of someone giving him a nice handjob today. And after nearly making him cum a few times with those masterful hands, you can see Buddy take his spot on his cock too. Just take your time to see the two guys enjoying each other’s company as they fuck one another nice and hard and we’ll see you again soon with another fresh scene!

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Erick and Derek

Well here we are with all new and all fresh bait buddies scenes for you to check out today. And as you can clearly see we have another interracial action update for you to check out without delay. The two studs are Erik and Derek with Erik being the white guy and also the bait in this scene. You can bet that they became the best of buds after this was over too and we’re sure that they will be engaging into more lovely one on one action in the future. But anyway, for now let’s just get to see some juicy and hot baitbuddies scenes with them for the afternoon. We can pretty much guarantee that you get to see some truly juicy interracial fuck scenes here today!

That couch is going to be put to some truly good use this afternoon res assured as the two guys aim to do quite a lot. Or at the very least rather, they end up doing quite a lot. Anyway sit back and let’s watch the show unfold with the two guys getting around to get all naked and take their seats with Erik getting to be the one to start off the whole thing by stroking his cock as well as the black stud’s man meat too. And when he was sure that it was rock hard, you can see the guy letting the black stud fuck his ass nice and deep with that big black cock as well. We hope you had fun and there will be more to see next week too. So see you all then!


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Bait Buddies – Josh and Buddy

Another fresh week and time to see another brand new and fresh bait buddies update. We know what you want to see every week lads and lasses, and that’s why you can always rely to find the best of the best porn scenes here with gay hunks getting to have fun with straight guys for the most part. Well usually you get to see the bait letting the straight guys have fun with their asses first, but this time it looks like the straight guy ended up being the one to bend over and take it in the ass for the baitbuddies scene here. So let’s get the show rolling because we bet that you’re now very very eager to get to see the play session with the two of them.


The names of these two are Josh and Buddy, with Buddy being the straight as spaghetti guy. But you know the saying. It does bend when it gets wet…in this case when it gets hard but anyway, analogies aside, the straight guy still gets to have his cock sucked by Josh here, as the resident gay sex expert for the afternoon, so he knows the importance of giving pleasure to the other person too. Well Buddy gets to soon bend over and present that rump to the guy for a nice and deep fucking today and you get to see him moan in pleasure while he takes it all over the place today. We’ll see you again soon with another new scene and more couples!

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Jordan and Grayson

Jordan and Grayson are this week’s bait buddies buddies that get to play kinky for you and be sure that this is another scene that you just have to check out without delay. The two studs that can be seen playing right here for the afternoon are a must see in this one as they ended up putting on quite the show for everyone to check out and see today.  Well Grayson is the bait in this one and his new buddy Jordan is going to be learning all about passionate anal sex and how to give it in this baitbuddies update here. Anyway, let’s just sit back and see them take their time to fuck one another hard style on the couch for the afternoon shall we everyone?

The straight guy Jordan is at his first ever gay interaction of course and you know that our baits always do nicely to tease them and entice them to have some naughty fun. It didn’t take much for Grayson to make Jordan motivated to use that thick cock on his ass, and rest assured that he was very very convincing with his lips. that’s right he gave the horny Jordan such a good blowjob that he just had to reward that zeal for the afternoon. So sit back and watch Grayson moan in pleasure while he gets to have his nice and tight ass fucked nice and deep today without delay. We are sure you’ll have fun and we’ll be back with even more for you really soon!


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Bait Buddies – Javier and Tim

Today’s bait buddies scene has here a new pair made up bu Javier and Tim and these two studs toghether aim to show off just how naughty they get with one another this afternoon. Tim is the straight guy in this gallery while Javier gets to take the role of the bait as he has no issue seducing other guys to get down and dirty with him. And while Tim never did this before, Javier is there to teach him all he needs to know in one fell swoop of course without any delays. So let’s get right down to business and check out another baitbuddies fuck scene with the experienced guy letting the fresh meat fuck his tight ass before the end of the show!


The couch is the classy spot for everyone to fuck around this place as you know, so the two of the studs here got to play on it as well for the afternoon. Check them out as they get to take their time to strip out of their clothes with Javier putting the best show on of the two. When he gets naked you can see that he’s quite sexy looking and even Tim starts to get hard and excited while he looks at the guy. So anyway, watch them starting off the show like in our usual fashion and you can see some cock stroking going down with the two to kick things off. Then it’s the proper fuck that follows and we hope that you will fully check it out today. See you soon with more!

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Toby and Steve

Hey there everyone and welcome back once again to new and hot bait buddies scenes this week with some hot guys getting to play nasty for you. The two new guys here today are Toby and Steve and of course, this is another superb and hot interracial fuck session with the two. Only this fine day you can see that the bait is the white guy named Toby. Toby is really happy about getting to play with Steve here in this baitbuddies scene today and he gets to take his sweet time to play around with the guy’s big black cock for a nice and long while too before he gives up his fine ass for a nice and good dicking this fine day here. So let’s start off the action.

Pretty much from the start of the scene you can tell that Steve is actually quite curious to try this whole gay thing out himself and Toby was there more or less like a guide for him. So watch the two studs stroking each other’s penises after they undress and enjoy the jacking off that they get to do to one another to get those cocks all nice and hard for the next bit. We’re sure that you will love part two of the whole thing as well where of course you can see some nice and balls deep anal sex going down too. We’re leaving you to check it out in it’s entirety today and we’ll see you once more next week with a brand new update and scene everyone. Bye bye!


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Bait Buddies – Chandler and Mike

Hey there guys, bait buddies here once more with all new shows for you. We’ve got more new fuck buddies in action to check out this week and we want to bring you the two studs named Chandler and Mike as they get to play in this one with Chandler being the trap we set for the straight guy. Well Chandler does look pretty amazing as well so he had no issues teasing and tempting Mike to get down and dirty with him today. So what ends up happening is that we get to see the two going at it on the couch and enjoying one another’s dicks for the afternoon here. Let’s get right on with this baitbuddies scene for today and see the gay show commence!


Chandler helps Mike to get out of his clothes in this one as it begins and naturally undressing himself as well while he’s at it. And before he knows it, Mike and the muscled black stud are laying on their backs on the couch and Chandler is taking good care of both his meat and Mike’s. But that’s just the appetizer of course as this scene soon goes even more kinky and you can see Chandler and Mike having a proper fuck with one another on that couch. So let’s not delay any longer and enjoy their gay fuck this afternoon without delay. We’ll see you again next week with another new gallery and all you have to do is stay tuned to see it everyone!

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Tommy and Timothy

Bait buddies as you know is the site where we get to see some straight guys attempting to play kinky with our bait around here. And it always ends up with some superb and sensual fuck sessions featuring the straight guy going full gay by the end of the whole thing as well. We know that you guys and gals just adore seeing this type of thing so let’s just get this one started to see the action without delay shall we? The two guys are Tommy for the straight guy, and Timothy for the bait. Well, before the end of this glorious and hot baitbuddies update, you will get to see Tommy fully embracing this gay fuck fest and plowing the other guy balls deep in the ass too.

When the show begins, the two guys get to start their little one on one session. And you know that a good fuck always starts with amazing foreplay, which you can bet that the two studs did quite a lot to prepare for the rest of this juicy and hot scene together today. Let’s get right to seeing some superb and sexy anal sex getting done with them as the bait Timothy gets to eventually bend over for Tommy. The guy takes it doggie style throughout the whole thing and loves it and at the end of it all he lets Tommy shoot his load all over his sexy round ass as well. It’s a amazing show that we hope you will enjoy here today. We’ll see you again next week with another scene!


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